Hair Weaving Styles for White Women

Hair weaving styles are not just available for men and dusky women but also to white woman. It must have definitely been started by the dark skinned women but slowly the latter took interest in it too. Hair weaving styles can definitely suit the white woman too. She can try out different textures, lengths and shades to suit her face structure. If you have thin hair, it would make it look beautiful as extensions help to increase the volume of your hair. Hair extensions can also enhance your appearance if they are tied or placed properly on your head. You should be ashamed of trying with hair extensions as they will basically help you to overcome some of the most embarrassing situations. You must try to be trendy and be clever to hide certain weakness. Most women who are smart enough would always ensure that they flaunt the perfect look. Appearances do matter a lot when it comes to communication. Also, hair extensions tend to uplift your face and make the hair look more versatile.

Hair Weaving Styles for White Women The other advantage for white woman would be to hide their hair loss by opting for hair extensions. Most of the times, women tend to cut their hair short to avoid hair loss problems. But now you do not have to cut them short but keep them long or tied. Hair extensions will never be restrictive. You will have a wide variety of options to select for the perfect grooming. You can now happily ride a bike and enjoy the breezy wind pass through the layers of the hair. You will no longer need to be scared of shaky wigs and any unnecessary fiasco. You can happily swim, open your hair, exercise, jog, and ride, fly and do countless activities with this new hair support. You would feel too confident for your daily presentations and meetings. Most white women would choose to go for a sewn hair extension, hairpieces and weaves. But hair-extensions would certainly be the best out of the lot.

So life is simpler and interesting for everyone and you can enjoy different possibilities with a slight interest in experimentation. Your personality shoots up; body look and feel also looks much beautiful. Hair weaving styles can be practiced and tried on even at home. You could initially do it at a salon followed by a regular follow-up at home. All this can be further achieved when you learn the art and different styles prevailing in the market. Do remember there would be some cons attached like hair loss, pressure, lumps which are inevitable. You could at the most try to select styles that do not pressure your forehead or look too heavy on the upper part. You must remember to accessorize it better with funky colors and beads. In case you find it too loud you could subtly select colors that will suit your face.

Hair Bonding Hair Extensions

There are numerous reasons as to why hair bonding hair extensions are considered to be the ideal solution for covering less hair. You have great opportunity to pass through a wide variety of colours and also beads for your hair bonding extensions. The other way to make it look more graceful is by adding colours and beads to the entire weave. You should try to make different patterns on your hair that may make it more visible. Bonded hair extension will add necessary length or thickness to your hair. This seems perfect for people who have a great problem with split ends. The hair bonding hair extension ensures that you do not break your head with unnecessary split roots. You can experience the enormous amount of change with respect to length and volume. This new look can be instantly taken care of without any maintainence. You would initially require investing a lot of time when you instill the weaves. Well, once you are done with instilling, all you are left with is an everyday touch up to make it look normal.

Hair Bonding Hair Extensions You should remember that the cost of most hair bonding extensions is surely a high price. The range can go anywhere from a minimum of 5k to 1lac depending on the kind of style needed. Most women often tend to complain about the heavy weight of the applied braids. This pain can be reduced after consuming pills for a few days. But if this continues, you are requested to contact your hair expert at the earliest.You would then need to opt for something less heavy and tight. Most people get agitated with the number of equipments and instruments used to set the hair extesnion. Besides the number of hours also tend to get overboard. The same number of hours would also be required to untangle it completely. The number of hair extensions depends on either the basic procedure or advanced procedure. There can be some damage to your hair as the extensions weighs more than your hair. Hence, it is pretty normal to face minimal hair loss for most hair bonding or hair extension processes. Be prepares to spend a minimum amount of time on all your hair extension processes.

The number of hours also depends on the kind of style dedicated to your hair. Sometimes you would also notice small lumps on your head which might be caused due to sweat or too much of pressure. Some might even complain that they do not last long and tend to become too noticeable as well as artificial. You need to ensure your hair expert is aware of all this and would make sure nothing like this occurs. Besides all this hair bonding and hair extensions still makes a lot of sense and you must be ready to experiment. This can give your face a whole new structure and make you the news of town. The other advantage is that you will get to know what really suits your face and structure.

Hair Weaving Cost

Hair weaving is gaining rapid recognition in today’s day and age. It suits people who are eagerly looking for a great makeover. It can be an alternate to your baldness. People lose out on great opportunities primarily because of baldness. It is the sad fact that people wish to select candidates on the basis of looks, caste and creed. This really provokes the bald to switch over for a makeover that can surely be long-lasting. Hair weaves are opted when there is a major hair loss. This can occur at any stage. But most importantly, it occurs due to genetic reasons or accidents. Today technology has made this a less expensive affair. Most clinics in India charge half of what is been charged in U.S. This has also led to a rise in medical tourism. Hence, the trend is now to flaunt looks that can be beyond your reach.This increasing trend is something that has given hopes to depressed souls. Hair weaves are done on individual strands or grafts. They are collected either by slicing a strip of your scalp or from other areas of denser hair.

Hair Weaving Cost Bonding also means connecting roots of natural hair with the help of glue. This helps you to see an even balance on your scalp. However, this does more damage to the hair than the rest. Hence it is always advised that you do not wear one of the bonded weaves for more than 2 weeks. The other advantage is that you can curl and style your hair the way you want once it is bonded. The other procedure is tracking that allows you more flexibility and comfort.In this case the natural hair is put together or braided in a pattern like cornrows circularly. The person then uses a needle and hair material to stitch or sew them together. Some amount of hair will be left intentionally to close or cover the braids. This then gives it a whole new natural look. The other kind of hair weaving is called Fusion which is certainly the most expensive from the lot. This is certainly long-lasting and tends to look very stylish. In this case the hair tends to be in indiviual formats or wefts.

The hair then gets divided into very small parts and with the help of glue they are stuck to each other. Once all the indiviual sections are glued together, they are washed and curled or styled according to your preferrence. The other few options or procedures include netting, clip extensions as well as tree braiding.You must always consult your doctor or a hair specialist to understand your problems and recommend the perfect hair setting. Most of the hair weaving procedures starts from 5k – 3 lacs. You can select the one according to your budget and hair requirements. This particular procedure will again take couple of weeks to get attached and groomed properly. Hence, it would be great if you could take as much advice as possible from your friends and relatives who would suggest great hair weaving options.

Hair Weaving for Men

Hair weaving is an excellent option for people who face hair loss and other major problems. Hair weaving for men often includes procedures than can be opted for without any worry. This process is actually used to cover areas of baldness. Hair extensions as well as Hair weaving is done to hide areas that normally do not attract anyone. Hair weaving takes place in different procedures like bonding, breading, fusion etc. Most people opt for breading or fusion as they tend to be long-lasting. However, all these procedures have their own pitfalls too. But they are way better an option to help you deal with people confidently. Hair weaving is a term associated with extending or combining human and synthetic as well as a combination of hair together.

Hair Weaving for Men So basically a hair weave is also a mix of artificial hair brought together either through braiding or extending one’s own hair to get a perfect combination. This is usually done by selecting hair from places where the density is at the maximum. You can now enjoy hair that will not just look natural but would be thick too. If this is done through an expert this weaving procedure can last for at least two to three months. You can also part your hair or cover your entire hair for the hair weaving process. Most men who are aware of hair weaving would know that there are primarily two types of hair weaving namely basic and advanced.Basic hair weaving includes conrow hair breading which is attained by stitching hair together. Advanced weaving would include making use of hand-tied spots or knots without sticking to braids and forming a channel or chain. The natural hair would then be sewn with this chain. Most hair experts would not agree to bonding or gluing to be associated with hair weaving.

The reason being they tend to get damaged and exposed out much earlier than expected. So ideally hair weaving should not damage your hair as there isn’t technically glue required. The type of hair also makes a large decision. If you have thin and long hair, you should not opt for cornrow weaving as that would make it brittle and artificial. Most attachments to hair would make it weak and cause major hair loss altogether. Also, opt for a human hair than synthetic hair as you do not want to end up being the joke of every occasion. People today are smart enough to understand the difference between either of two. Most often synthetic hair will lose its shine and quality as compared to human hair. Also, human hair will look shinier as they will need regular shampooing and maintenance. Some very good temporary options for hair weaving would include clip-on, wefted hair, strand on strand etc. Some of these can be tried on an everyday basis thereby allowing your hair to breathe and stay natural. This will also allow you to look different every single day and get to know the numerous reactions or compliments.

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure of transferring particles of hair to places of baldness. Most often dense hair from the scalp is removed or sliced and grafted to empty patches. The one from where hair follicles are removed are called as donor sites. The bald site which receives hair is often called as extracted follicles. This kind of surgery existed as early as 19th century. The best part about a person’s appearance is its hair. The glory lies in the head. Unfortunately very few people miss this glory. These people have now reasons to be happy and energetic. The latest hair transplant procedures help you to regain your lost confidence and remain cheerful. With every passage of time, hair loses its strength and falls tremendously. Some people face genetic issues whereas some people lose them over a while. In such cases, baldness arises and you are left with no other option but to go for a hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant Hair grafting is a long-lasting often a permanent solution. The Japanese doctor was the first person to have invented and introduced techniques of hair transplantation. The procedure used by him helped to close up eyebrows and eye lashes. His invention was published in a newspaper which was based on research and discussion. This process involves two main procedures. Firstly Strip Harvesting involves removing small strips of scalp or slices of scalp and chopping them into grafts. This is usually done under local anesthesia. These smaller grafts are then transferred or pasted onto scalps or areas of baldness. The wounds that are visible will then be sutured and closed. Make a note that these scars would always be visible and the best attempt would be to cover your hair accordingly. Secondly follicular unit extraction involves chopping smaller units or batches of hair from the scalp or other parts of the body. This will then be placed onto areas of baldness. Most often this hair includes small patterns of hair. In this case the post surgical time and effect is minimal. The recovery period is surely lesser than Strip Harvesting. In fact you would be in a position to get back to routines at the earliest.

The surgeon is the person who decides which option to opt for. You will be told about the necessary precautions that need to be carried out well before the surgery. You will be requested to quit smoking and alcohol as they affect the success of hair grafting. The present day hair transplantation occurs on an outpatient basis. You will be given necessary antibiotics and shampoos, scrubs as well as oil to take care of your new hair. This will then allow new hair to start growing in the present place. This procedure will allow you to enjoy life, career and family better. You would be in a better position to handle stress, strangers and important guests. You will no longer need to settle in your own space. Be ready to enjoy this wonderful process of transformation.

Weaving vs. Bonding

Hair weave refers to the natural human hair or artificial ones, which are used for altering the appearance of the user with the addition of more hair over the user’s natural hair, partially or completely. The Indian Remy Hair is supposed to be the top-most quality in hair extension. Remy hair has the layer of cuticle, the outermost layer in a strand of hair, looking like shingles on roof. The Remy hairs have the layer of cuticle growing in its natural and same direction. The layer of cuticle is important as it is concerned with the tangling of hair, longevity in usage and shining of hair. With the layer of cuticle flat and intact, the hair is able to reflect light, thus making it shine.

Weaving vs. Bonding A few benefits of hair weaves include the lengthening of hair, addition of volume or thickness or both in the cases of thinning hair or fine hair, adding fashionable colours to the natural hair cutting off the risk of damage to one’s natural hair, getting a different texture of hair from the natural one. Weaves have found popularity in the community of Afro-American women since the times of 1990s. Colours are usually added to the natural hair per strand. One of the types of application is known as sew-in. Even weft hair could be applied, directly gluing it with natural hair with the help of hair glue, which is specifically meant to be used in hair weaving. This glue can easily be washed away with the use of special conditioner or shampoo, which removes only the glue, retaining real hair.

Extension hair term refers to hair weave that is applied per strand than as rows, which are long and sewn-together. The hair which are applied per strand come in a bunch of 50 to 80 strands, which are attached using keratin tips, which resemble to the end of shoe-strings. They can be attached by direct bond with the hair while they can also be attached with the help of copper links as they give the maximum natural look. This method takes a lot of time since about 100-300 extensions have to be applied individually. Thus, this option is a bit expensive compared to other options.

Bonding –

It is a method for temporary hair weaving, which is very popular. It is a great way for adding volume and also to add vibrant, colourful streaks on natural hair. Hair tracks are glued with the user’s hair roots using special adhesive. The tracks must not be in the hair for more than one or two weeks. Bonding also refers to attaching toupees or custom wigs using adhesives that are medical grade. Bonding is of 2 kinds – soft bond and hard bond. A soft bond dries in rubber glue consistency while the hard bond dries in epoxy glue consistency. Only a small section of people are recommended for hard bond for whom soft bond do not hold appropriately. Such permanent bonds usually last for 4 to 6 weeks, after which it should be checked for maintenance.

Hair Weaving Techniques

You may have heard of procedures that can alter the different parts of the body to enhance its features. We have the lipo suction, nose lifting and even hair alterations known as hair weaving. Many would prefer hair weaving for several reasons such as baldness, and adding length and thickness to the natural hair. There are several techniques for hair weaving.

Bonding is the most common hair weaving technique used by many. It can add up to the volume of the natural hair. It also adds highlights or streaks of colors to your natural hair. The hair is glued to the roots of the natural hair using a special glue but it should be washed off not longer than two weeks to avoid damage to the hair.

Hair Weaving Techniques Tracking is a method where tresses are first braided forming a circle around the head.  The braids are then sewn down and extensions are sewn on the braids. The hair is usually braided into a zig zag pattern then the hair is sewn horizontally from one side to the other. After all the extensions are attached, the hair can be cut in a stylish manner along with the natural hair.

The fusion method is also a versatile technique. Glue is then used to attach the extensions. However this method is the most time consuming and most expensive method of weaving the hair since the hair extension has to be glued to each strand of the natural hair.

Other technique for weaving the hair includes netting, which involves braiding breathable nets on the hair. Another method is tree braiding where artificial hair is then mixed in the natural hair. Lace extensions are the latest in weaving the hair where lace extensions are formed in a cap by knotting strands of hair

Tips for Getting a Hair Weave

The hair is the crown of a person that many are finding ways to flaunt it. Others would apply hair creams and gels to make it look fuller while others prefer to add length to it by hair weaving. Anybody can get a hair weave but there are several tips that you may need to follow to get the best hair weave for your hair.

The correct Hair type

Knowing the correct type of hair that you want to add to your natural hair can affect how the extensions would look. Weaves can come from natural and synthetic hairs. Synthetic hairs are made from plastic but are easily detected and it can also damage and irritate your natural hair. Human hair is the best to use for free flowing styles.

The method of applying the hair

Tips for Getting a Hair Weave You can either choose from applying the hair strand by strand of by using wefts. Applying the hair strand by strand is time consuming and you may need to use a heat fusion and adhesives to finish the job. A weft is the method for applying the hair by grouping it. Applying wefts may be done using a machine or by hands but those applied by hands given satisfying results than those made by machines.

Techniques for hair weaving

The natural hair can be braided on the scalp forming cornrows. The hair is then sewn onto the braids along with the natural hair to blend in. Bonding weave technique uses adhesives on the scalp were the hair is attached. Test for allergy on the adhesive is recommended as it can cause allergies later.

Caring for the hair

The natural hair and the extensions have to be washed regularly to achieve the look that you want. Avoid using bleach and dye on the hair. Be careful with blow drying, it can burn the extensions.

Hair Weaving: How to Maintain Hair Weaves

Hair weaves are hair extensions attached to the natural hair to get a more attractive hair. It is also the procedure that others prefer to hide baldness. However the process of getting the hair woven is not as easy as it sounds.

Having a hair weaving session with your hair care expert can be very tiring. It can even take the whole day to get the job done thus it has to be well taken care of to get the most value out of it.

Maintain Hair Weaves Once the hair weaving process is done, the weaves can stay up to 3 months on your hair depending on the hair weaving technique you have chosen. Within that period, the extensions are considered part of your natural hair and it has to be taken care of just like the natural hair.

Washing your hair regularly is recommended to maintain hygiene. The extensions can be easily become brittle and dry since it doesn’t get the nutrient that the natural hair gets from the scalp. The natural hair can also become brittle and dry if it is not washed, moisturized and conditioned regularly. While the weaves are still attached, avoid dying the hair and applying bleach on the hair to avoid stress on the hair that can make the extensions go brittle easily. Be careful when blow-drying and curling the hair as it can easily burn and the only option once it is burned is to remove them.

The weaves can collect bacteria that can harm the scalp and the natural hair. Washing the hair every 7-14 days is recommended to avoid complications. After 8 weeks, have your extensions removed by your stylist. The natural hair may have been damaged during this time but if not you can ask your hair stylist to remove the old ones and attach newer ones. If the natural hair is damaged, let it rest for at least six months and regularly care for it.

Weaving Hair

Weaving hair- difference between hair weaving and hair transplant

Weaving of hair is as the name suggests where new hair is woven on to scalp. It is the addition of hair which can be real or synthetic and the science of adding this hair (any kind) to the existing scalp is called hair weaving. It is a boon to those who suffer from hair loss. Hair weaving is a sure way of additional hair and it looks good as well. Yes, the effects of hair weaving can be defined by the way the hair looks after weaving is performed / done.

Hair weaving, if done amateur or by a person who is not a pro/professional, then the effect looks fake and the hair looks very artificially placed and gives out an impact of un-real hair. Hair weaving is a good hair job that is done as an aid to help hair look full and to assist those with the problem of hair loss of any kind on scalp. difference between hair weaving and hair transplant is very obvious, is it not? The definition of hair weaving involves new hair –whether real (human) hair or artificial (synthetic hair) (synthetic hair is seen on wigs) which is attached to scalp or woven on the scalp to add to the existing hair structure, whereas Hair Transplants or hair transplantation is done by removing hair follicles that exist on one’s own scalp from the behind area of the head to be placed at the area of hair loss (mostly people experience it in the front of the head, since the front of the head has hair follicles that are not bald-resistant like the follicles at the behind of the head).

Since hair transplant is done with one’s own hair follicles there is the scope for hair to look more natural and more individualistic as the follicles are part of one’s own head. In the case of hair weaving though, the effects can be superb and very natural looking, the truth is the key lies in the expert who’s hand it is done by, because he or she, as a surgeon or doctor would understand, which hair will sit and blend the best with the present hair type or hair of the person undergoing hair weaving.