Hair Weaving Bangalore

Are you upset about the length of your hair and think of countless options? Well, today you have countless options that might just give you a sigh of relief. If you are among those who wish to experiment, then hair weaving is a wonderful option. You can add a new look of versatility to your hair. Hair extensions are great for any of your special parties or marriage ceremony. There are certain things you need to remember before opting for hair weaving. There are mainly two types of hair extensions. One is a typically made of human hair while the other is synthetic hair. Most often, women either donate or sell their long hair which is then used for hair extensions. Synthetic hair is made of materials that are usually less expensive that the former.

Hair Weaving Bangalore Hence, this kind of hair is less popular as they will not tend to bounce or be wavy. Synthetic can be an option provided you want to tie your hair and not explore other options. Both these options can be available in different colours including blue, green, red etc. Most hair weaves are usually worn for a several weeks. There are yet other temporary weave options like clip-in weaves which can be experimented for few days. The most important benefit of a hair weave is that you can instantly add volume and length to your short hair. You also need not worry about maintaining long hair as they seldom require care. There are yet other things to be considered before opting for hair extensions. You need to make decisions whether you are looking for length, texture or volume. Most women refer length to texture or volume. You could also try out different styles with hair extensions. You can curl your hair, iron them or simply add breads.

The other important factor to note is that you can wash the human hair while synthetic hair need not be washed. You might be given certain kinds of gel to balance off the synthetic hair. In case you have considered going for a long lasting weave ensure you wash them, shampoo and condition them regularly which will make them shiny and strong. You have options to say goodbye to your bald hair or short hair. Technology and hair itself has made solutions open to many anxious people. Bangalore has its own salons where hair weaving can be enjoyed and experimented. You could browse through that will be the perfect destination for your hair problems. You must remember that there is lot of options available that might need to be explored. It is always advisable to take advices from someone who has already undergone hair weaving at a particular salon. Sometimes hair weaves tend to put extra pressure on the scalp leading to damage and breakage. Also, remember to avoid touching iron to synthetic hair as it might catch fire. It is always best to get suggestions from experts before exploring the unexplored category called hair weaving. It is also about how much are you willingly to experiment.

Hair weaving Pune

Gone are the days when hear weaving remained a secret with celebrities. Besides they were the only ones who could afford hair extensions. The present generation is much more into hair extensions and hair weaving. You would wonder how hair would grow within a quick span of time. Today, many women prefer experimenting with their hair. They love to add in few more inches, beautiful colors and weight to their hair. There are different requirements for different kinds of hair. There are major benefits that make people attracted to hair extensions or weaving. There are an equal number of women and men in Pune, who would love to add additional few inches to their hair. Most of these extra add-ons tend to be made of either hair like synthetic material or simply hair.

Hair weaving Pune The best advantage would be low maintenance on these add-ons. Most often, people do not prefer to waste time on setting their hair early morning. The synthetic hair extension comes in a stylish manner which required very little planning and fluffing. This is also a great option for people who plan for small beach vacations or chilly vacations as hair becomes extremely brittle and dry. Also, most add-ons or weaving happens towards the root or end of the hair and so any harm done would affect only the new one. Hence, you can happily go for colouring, blow- drying, curling, steaming etc. Your hair would have less of split ends and even if they occur it would not affect the original normal hair. You do not have to take much care of your hair. The best part of hair weaving is low commitment. Most often you end up waiting for your hair to grow so that you could plan a hair-cut. In this case you would hardly have to wait as you can choose whatever you want to try at your time. You can keep changing your style and updating your looks accordingly. You certainly have the option to decide what looks good on you.

This is also the best part to experiment with your artificial hair. You can try different looks or style every single day. All this can be easily achieved by opting for hair weaving. You can pick and choose any colour that you think might add new effect on your hair. You could always browse through to figure out the best salon for your hair. You must be ready to face any kind of comments as most often they are compliments. Also, as students you might end up trying different looks that might shape your personality. Youngsters and office-goers can opt for these as the perfect way to set up for a presentation. The money you would spend would be surely worth the effort. So it is now time to flaunt and appear in style within every five minutes. You must be experimental as life is a tough journey. You can always choose to get some advice on the same.

Hair Weaving in Delhi

Hair weaving involves the process of adding natural or artificial hair over one’s natural hair, partially or completely as per his or her needs so as to enhance the appearance of his or her hair, with the use of human hair or synthetic pieces of hair. The top most quality in hair extensions is found in “Indian Human Remy Hair”. It retains the layer of cuticle, which is a hair strand’s outermost layer, which looks like the shingles on roof. The layer of cuticle in this kind of hair, naturally flow towards same direction. The layer of cuticle determines the tangling of hair, longevity of use of hair, which could last up to a year and the shine of hair. As the layer of cuticle remains flat and intact, it gives the hair the capability to reflect light, thus making it shine.

Hair weaving is very helpful in lengthening hair, adding volume or thickness or even both in case of thinning or fine hair. It also lets the user in adding fashionable colour to natural hair cutting off the risk of chemical reaction. It also helps the user in getting different texture of hair. This process found popularity in Afro-American women from the 1990s times as they wished to have straight hair look.

Delhi, the capital city of the country has quite a few salons or clinics that do hair weaving. Here are some of the salons or beauty parlours or clinics where one can go for hair weaving in Delhi –

Hair Weaving in Delhi Youthful Secrets

Contact Information – 306, Jaipuria Plaza, Sector 26,

Noida – 201 301

Phone – 011 – 2544223/ 2544224

Mobile – 9458536171/ 8860274527

Website –

Easy Hair Design Studio Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Information – C-52, Opposite Dena Bank and Pocket-5,

Shashi Garden, Mayur Vihar Phase 1,

Delhi – 110 091

Mobile – 9811411121

Website –

Immaculate Hair Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Information – 6B/5, Single Storey, Main Market,

NR Raja Garden, Ramesh Nagar,

Delhi – 110 015

Phone – 011 – 25109240/ 25109241/ 45607124

Mobile – 9810500323/ 9910500323/ 9811591144

Website –

Wig Shop

Contact Information – HS-125, Bhola Nath Nagar,

Jharkandi Mandir Road, Shahdara,

Delhi – 110 032

Mobile – 9911229802, 9818769802

Website –

Klinik Esthetika Skin Hair & Laser Centre

Contact Information – B6 Panchsheel Enclave,

Opposite Chirag Delhi Fly Over, Panchsheel Enclave,

Delhi – 110 017

Phone – 011 – 40687134/ 40687135/ 40687136/ 40687138

Mobile – 9958489988/ 9958483335/ 9958483336/ 9958483337

House Of Sarin

Contact Information – H 9a, Opposite PVR Plaza Bus Stand, CP,

Delhi – 110 001

Phone – 011 – 47535163

Mobile – 9818657333

Looks Forever Clinic

Contact Information – 511, Sector-5, NR Water Tank,, Vasundhra,,

Ghaziabad – 201 001

Mobile – 9711323587/ 9811661681

Website –

A One Hair Style

Contact Information – Shop Number 4, Near Dr. Zakir Hussain School, Zafrabad, Main Road, Maujpur,

Delhi – 110 053

Mobile – 9310533796/ 9312224736/ 9911951179/ 9717382617

Quntl Baldness Solution

Contact Information – U-16/36, 37, DLF, DLF City Phase III,

Gurgaon – 122 010

Phone – 011 – 4363675

Mobile – 9999003675

Pamela Hair Care

Contact Information – F1/104 Sector Number 16, Mangal Bazar, Rohini,

Delhi – 110 085

Phone – 011 – 27872990

Mobile – 9873236456

Hair Weaving in Mumbai

Hair weaving is the process in which natural human hair or artificial ones are used in altering the appearance of natural hair of a person with the addition of more hair over his or her natural hair or covering the natural hair completely with either human hair or synthetic pieces of hair. The “Indian Human Remy Hair” is known as the top most quality of hair extensions. Remy hair retains the outermost layer of hair strand known as the cuticle, which looks like the shingles on roof. All the remy hairs are known to have the cuticle layer, which flow naturally towards same direction. The layer of cuticle is important as it is concerned with the tangling of hair, the longevity of use of hair, which lasts for about a year and with the shine of hair. With the layer of cuticle flat and intact, the hair can reflect light, which makes it shine.

Hair weaving can lengthen the hair, help in adding volume or thickness or both to thinning or fine hair, lets one to add fashionable hair colour on natural hair thereby, avoiding the damage from chemicals and can bring about a change in the appearance of the user by getting a different texture of hair from their natural one. From the times of the 1990s, hair weaving has been very popular with Afro-American women who desired to have straight-hair look.

Here are some of the salons or beauty parlours where one can go for hair weaving in Mumbai –

Hair Weaving in Mumbai Berkowits Skin & Health Care Pvt Ltd

Contact Information – 14,15,16 Kartik Complex, Opp Citi Mall,

New Link Road, Andheri West,

Mumbai – 400053

Phone – 022 67306659

Website –

Natural Hair

Contact Information – 83, 2nd Floor, Vijaykarwadi Bungalow,

Near Hari Mandir,

Behind Saikrupa Hotel,Chincholi Bunder,

S V Road, Malad West,

Mumbai – 400 064

Phone – 022 – 61633840

Website –

Tresstalkh Salon & Spa

Contact Information – 301,Destination, 3rd Floor, Next To Shoppers Stop,

M G Road, Ghatkopar East,

Mumbai – 400 075

Phone – 022 – 25292904/ 67550812

Mobile – 9664376294/ 9892956829

Website –


Contact Information – Shop No 136 Crystal Shoppers Paradise,

Opposite McDonalds, Next To KFC, 24th & 33rd Road,

Bandra West

Mumbai – 400 050

Mobile – 9892442179

Website –

Pixies Unisex Salon

Contact Information – Shop No 6 Surya Kiran CHS Building 19,

Behind Tarapur Garden, Maheshwari Bhavan

Opp Shreeji Hotel, Oshiwara,

Andheri West, Mumbai – 400 053

Phone – 022-67305639

Nail Spa DA Favola Synk Salon & Spa

Contact Information – Shop No 117,

Emp 46, Evershine Insat Co-operative Housing Ltd.

Next To Monginis Cake Shop, Thakur Village,

Kandivali East,

Mumbai – 400 101

Phone – 022 – 61618527

Rende Vous Paris

Contact Information – 2nd Floor Palladium Mall, Opposite Jack & Jones

Phoenix Mill Compound, Lower Parel,

Mumbai – 400 013

Phone – 022 – 67305054

Care For Her

Contact Information – Shop Number 1 Keshav Shristi, Opposite Green Hotel,

Link Road, Malad West,

Mumbai – 400 064

Phone – 022 – 61637323

Simones Salon & Spa

Contact Information – Shop Number 6,Everest Apartment,

Next To Cafe Coffee Day, J P Road, Versova,

Mumbai – 400 061

Hair Weaving Hyderabad

What exactly is hair weaving? It is actually a cosmetic procedure to add volume or hair on bald areas. The additional hair is sewn to the scalp and made to cover the bald areas. Now the option to use human or synthetic hair lies with you. Most often women prefer to go for human hair as they look real and full of options. The most added benefit includes adding volume, texture, bouncy and wavy feel to the hair. Most often six kinds of weaving takes places on the scalp namely netting, tree braiding, tracking, bonding, fusion and lace extension. Hair weaving has its own advantages and disadvantages. Most often when undertaken by a professional hair weaver, the additional hair looks like a part of the natural hair.

Hair Weaving HyderabadThey will know the perfect way to blend the new hair to the old one. This will help others to hardly pint out any difference. Hair weaving is certainly not an advanced option unlike hair transplant or any other procedure for baldness. Hair weaving is not a surgical option and hence easily managed by most women. However, it certainly takes a lot of effort on the expert’s side to balance off the extension naturally. This hair could easily last for a good period of three months provided handled with care. The major disadvantage being it could put pressure on the scalp thereby leading to damage and breakage. You must not forget to oil them as well as shampoo and condition them as the new sewn hair does not receive any nutrients from your body.

In case you want to remove any of the weaves you are supposed to visit the expert who sewed it in the beginning. Do not attempt to remove it at your own risk. This might also help the expert to view any damaged surface that might need a quick repair therapy. The glue often used to apply on the woven hair tends to attract bacteria. Hence, the expert is supposed to ensure there are no additional parts of glue lying on the surface. Every look requires lot of hard work and patience. You must be ready to wait for hours to get this done at any salon. Ensure you plan this procedure on a weekend which might help to relieve any kind of stress. Women in Hyderabad can also look up to various salons in their vicinity that might provide this fantastic option.

You can browse through to make an account of the salons that provide this option. You must also visit the salon once in two weeks for a regular check-up. This will help you to discover hair that might have got entangled or damaged at the earliest. So go explore this unique hair weaving option that might help you to enjoy your hair and experiment with it better. The rates for doing this will definitely be on the higher side however, it is worth the effort. Make sure you enquire about the same with your friends and relatives who might have undergone this particular option.